Financial Planning

Accounting and business advisory, financial planning advice, corporate finance, risk advisory services, financial recommendations, corporate secretarial, corporate restructuring, human resource consultancy, financial planning ideas, wealth management and management consultancy are all part of our advisory and management consultancy services.

Financial Planning and Services

Tax Usa has been in business for over 20 years and we are here to make your tax preparation process easier, with a simple and hassle-free refund process. Get the maximum refund you deserve and simplify your tax situation today! Advisory services for greenfield projects, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate turnarounds, and principal investments are some of our key services.

  • Consulting services for project and product divestment and termination.
  • Strategy development for product launches international markets, as well as product diversification.
  • Conduct market research and surveys for existing and new products and services on behalf of clients.
  • Due diligence, project financial feasibility analysis, and evaluation of various financing options and corporate capital structures are all part of the financial review process.
  • Development and implementation of financial, financial reporting, and internal control systems.
    Manual accounting and record-keeping systems are being digitalized.

Financial Planning Benefits

  • Get a clear picture of your extra costs.
  • You will be given a specific, attainable goal.
  • Timetable for achieving that goal
  • Beneficial for long-term security
  • The strategy for achieving that goal
  • It teaches you financial literacy.
  • Assisting with tax planning and providing a secure future for dependents
  • Do you have an idea of how much risk you are willing to take?
  • Prioritize your objective

How we help

  • Financial planing
  • Corporate reporting
  • Investment plans
  • Wealth management


Commercial banks, thrifts (which include savings and loan associations and savings banks), and credit unions are the three types. In recent decades, these three types of institutions have become more similar to one another, and their distinct identities have faded.

A Business Consultant’s primary responsibility is to assist other companies in optimizing and improving their overall business model. They use the information provided by that company to assist with simple and complex optimization issues. A Business Consultant is typically employed by a larger Business Consulting Firm.

Financial planning is a stage process way of accomplishing one’s life objectives. It essentially assists you in gaining control of your income, expenses, and investments, allowing you to manage your money and achieve your goals.

A business consultant can provide an organization with a wide range of services, such as market expertise, identifying and assisting in the resolution of organizational problems, providing an objective perspective, delivering technical services, training employees, and leading organizational change.

Advisory Financial Services is a bicoastal fee-only comprehensive financial services firm and Registered Investment Advisory with over 30 years of financial services experience dedicated to assisting our clients in improving their long-term financial success.