Corporate On-Site

Filing your taxes is no easy task. If you have a tax preparer or accountant who does not take the time to explain the process, you never fully understand what you are filing.

At TAX USA we feel it is important to help educate and guide our clients in the tax preparation process, not only to help you better understand what is being filed, but to also help you maintain the best possible “relationship” with the IRS. Many tax payers are uncertain and unaware of even the basic measures that can be taken when preparing and filing a return.

With a TAX USA Corporate Onsite visit, our team of professionals will do just this. Based on the specific needs of your company and its employees, a team of Certified Agents will visit your location and set up to prepare and file your employees personal income tax returns. In addition, each employee will be educated on the filing process, as well as educating your employees on what they can do to keep proper records for future filings, which in turn may lead to larger refunds or money saved on taxable income. Should any individuals have previous IRS issues to clear up, our staff can also help guide in this process as well.

We encourage Office and Human Resource Managers to contact our “Corporate On Site” team directly to set up an appointment where you will be presented with a full package of our services. To learn more and take advantage, please contact Jody Dovich or Mitch Elbarki on 1-866-529-5558 extension #1.