Real Estate

Real Estate

Apartments in the USA, as well as any other real estate – this is what we work with every
day. Our experts know everything about real estate: what and where how much it costs,
and how much it will cost tomorrow. We will advise which real estate in the US is worth
investing in, and which one should be abandoned. Without false modesty, we are experts in
the real estate market and therefore we are ready to provide qualified assistance in any
matter related to our profile.

how to determine your tax status

Urgent Buyout

We know how to quickly sell an apartment. But sometimes situations arise when it needs to
be done very quickly. At the same time, it is almost impossible to find a buyer within a few
days. Therefore, for clients who are interested in the fastest possible sale of a property, we
are ready to offer such a service as “Urgent buyout”
We are ready to buy an apartment if…

  • The apartment was not mortgaged or burdened with any obligations.
  • All owners are willing to sell.
  • The seller knows where he and all people registered in the apartment will
    check out.
     Minor owners will be provided with an area not less than that which they
    have in the object being sold.

Room to Apartment

The TaxUSA company offers to buy municipal rooms in your name, subject to the
subsequent sale of the apartment and the purchase of alternative housing for you.
Conditions of the Service “A Room in Exchange for an Apartment”

  • This service can be used by owners of rooms in communal apartments where
    free rooms are belonging to the city.
  • The service can also be provided in the case when there are several owners
    in a communal apartment.
  • The parameters of the apartment that will be purchased instead of the room
    are negotiated in advance and are written in the contract.
  • The organization of the buyout of municipal premises, the sale of an
    apartment, and the purchase of alternative housing is handled by the company.

Real Estate

An accurate appraisal of the apartment

We sell professionally

You don't pay anything until the apartment is sold

Individual approach

We advertise professionally



  • Call TaxUSA
  • Find out the cost
  • Wait no longer than 6 weeks
  • Get money

We can’t give you an answer to this question. But, if you make an affirmative decision, we
will be happy to help you find banks with the best mortgage offers.
Our experts will tell you how the conditions for granting loans in different banks differ,
what requirements lenders impose on borrowers, and also, based on your income,
calculate the possible loan amount.

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