Special hobbies or situations entail special risks and dangers.
Are you active as a hunter or are you currently building your own house? Are you running a
private business firm? Then you need Special Insurance Service that ordinary private
insurance service alone cannot offer!

how to determine your tax status

Advantages and Implications of SIS

The advantages of special insurance services offer you strong and up-to-date services to
suit your needs. Personal injury, property damage, financial loss, and rented property are
all covered. All claims for damages against you will be examined. Unjustified claims are
According to the law, you are fully liable for damage that you cause to others. If people are
affected, the costs can quickly run into the millions. TaxUSA offers you strong services in
special liability insurance that cover you comprehensively and are tailored exactly to your

Financial Services Insurance

Banks, credit institutions, leasing companies, and financial advisors are exposed to
numerous risks. These can be of a business, legal, regulatory, financial, strategic, or
personnel-related nature. TaxUSA offers professional risk and damage management for
this. In USA, we are the only large insurance broker that has an organizational unit that
takes care of all the needs of this industry.

Our Quality of Advice

Banks, Credit Institutions

Building Societies

Private Equity Funds

Leasing Companies

Insurance Companies

Mortgage Banks


Qualification, quantification, and modeling of risks with the aim of optimizing equity
capital. Benefit from our expertise in qualifying, quantifying, and modeling the risks of
financial institutions. This also includes the structuring of risk-bearing and transfer.

We carry out a risk transfer for you in all insurance classes on all national and international
markets. Even with risks that are difficult to insure, such as with hedge funds. Our services
also include hedging against risks for operational activities such as insuring project
financing, political risks, and the threat of terrorism.

We also give you the opportunity to add interesting products to your range of products and
to open up new business areas. In concrete terms, this involves the design, structuring, and
placement of retail products

  •  To increase sales, profit, and corporate values ​​(e.g., residual debt insurance,
    residual value insurance, current account value-added products, credit card
  •  To support marketing campaigns.

We would also be happy to take action for you. Would you like more information? Then
contact us.

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