Business Filing

Business Filing

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Business Tax Filing Services

As a businessman, you must be fully cognizant of your federal, state, and local tax obligations. Tax USA will assist you in filing your taxes correctly and making payments on time. When you start a business, the business structure you choose determines what taxes you’ll pay and how you’ll pay them all the stuff will be handled by our professional including filing business taxes, filing a business tax extension

Business Filing

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However, if you are self-employed and have a net income of $400 or more from your business, you must file a tax return and a single person under the age of 65 is only required to file taxes in 2021 if their adjusted gross income exceeds $12,550

If you are a sole proprietor, you must file Schedule C (Profit or Loss from Business) with your Form 1040 (U.S. Individual Income Tax Return) every year to report the net profit and loss of your business. Along with your 1040, you must also file Schedule SE (Self-Employment Tax).

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